El Piso Perfecto

Written by Karrie
November 2017

The nearly two weeks that it took us to find an apartment in Spain ended up being totally worth the wait because we feel that we found the perfect piso for us.  One of the things that made us the most sad about leaving the States was leaving our apartment in Kent, WA.  We loved the layout and floorpan so much and felt that we probably wouldn’t ever find an apartment that we liked that much.  But here in Spain we found exactly what we wanted, thanks to Elle’s amazing apartment detective skills.

The first thing that is perfect for us about the apartment is that it has the perfect amount of space (or maybe even a little too much).  It is a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment, which is ideal for hosting the many visitors we hope to have!  We have already put the spare bedroom and bathroom to good use with our first guests from the U.S. as well as some local American friends who needed a place to stay in Logroño one night.  The spare bedroom also provides a space for Mike to use as his music room when we do not have guests.

We are so pleased to have an apartment that gets plenty of natural light.  Our main living and dining space has large windows that are southward-facing, which also helps to nicely heat the room on sunny days.  The kitchen and bedrooms also have small windows but do not get direct sunlight, which helps to keep the rooms cool in the summertime and to keep the bedrooms darker for excellent sleeping! 

Living Room
Dining Room
Our Bedroom

Our apartment has many small features that make it feel very European, which is something that we wanted.  Some examples include:

*A balcony that faces our street, which is a pedestrian street so cars are rarely driving on it


*A laundry line for drying clothes outside, which is a quintessential European habit


*Armoires with plenty of storage

*A dish-drying rack inside the cabinets which allows for an uncluttered counter space


*Exterior blinds that completely block out the light (standard everywhere in Spain, from what we’ve seen)

Our apartment is located in the center of Logroño so it is very easy to walk to nearly everywhere in the city.  The famous older section of the city, Casco Antiguo where Elle and B-Rizz live, is only about a 5-10 minute walk away and happens to be very pleasant and beautiful.  We are also very close to both the bus and train stations, which is great for commuting outside of Logroño and for our guests who stay with us.  Our street is directly off the main shopping street in Logroño, which includes many upscale stores, such as Zara.      

We hope to see you in Spain sometime soon!


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