This Tren I Ride

Written by Michael
8 November 2017

Most auxiliaries have the not-so-pleasant task of figuring out their commute. Fortunately for me, I did not have to spend too much time figuring out my options, as I really didn’t have any to begin with. Though I do enjoy my car pool every other week, commuting by train to Alfaro is by far my favorite. Each day I have to purchase actual train tickets that are similar looking to airline tickets, and apparently I have purchased enough tickets in the last month that the ticket kiosk now assigns me the same row and seat each time (kind of creepy if you ask me.) The commute down to Alfaro is aboard  a fancy, sleek, modern train with reclinable seats, foot rests, and a attendant who wheels around a coffee cart during the ride. thumbnail-2 However, the train coming home is the compete opposite, and more or less resembles an above-ground subway train! (Think: Green Line, if you’re familiar with Boston’s T).  The commute is still pretty cool as I get to gaze out the window at the amazing vineyards and natural beauty! But here’s the rub: since the frequency of the trains is very sparse, I have a lot of down time not only during the train rides to and from school, but also when having to wait to for the next train back to Logroño. This makes for very long days which usually starts with me catching the 7:35 am train and ends with me arriving home a little before 5 pm. With all this down time, I decided to try and use this time wisely by working on lesson plans, blog ideas, reviewing my Spanish flash cards, or listening to new music. This plan hasn’t worked out perfectly though, especially during the dark, morning commutes, where I have given up trying to be productive, and have surrendered to a relaxing slumber caused by the low, droning hum and gentle rocking of the train!

Lesson plan or sleep? The battle is real!


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