First Visitors!

Written by Karrie
October 2017

It may be a bit of an understatement to say that we were all very excited for our first people from home to visit us in Logroño.  I had made an electronic countdown on my phone to literally count down the days until our good friends from Seattle, Natalie and Chris, arrived to our little corner of Spain.  They had already planned on traveling through some of Europe before we were officially moving to Spain, and lucky for us, they had a few extra days without definite plans in their itinerary and decided to come check out our new home. 

The countdown to our first visitors!

During their short visit, those of us who are working while living here had to go to work during the day, but we had the afternoons and evenings free to hang out.  We had fun sharing with Natalie and Chris the pinchos (aka “tapas”) culture here in Logroño, even if the streets were a little dead compared to a Friday or Saturday night. 

We also got to walk around the many beautiful parks that the city has to offer and partake in some delicious ice cream on a beautiful, sunny autumn day.  Logroño has a lot of very cool street art that we explored as well. 


The highlight of the trip was when we were given a private tour by our new friend, Jesús, of his family’s vineyard called Valdemar.  We were shown the many different rooms and buildings throughout the winery where the different varieties of wines are made from grape to bottle and got to taste many delicious types of wines along the way.  They will soon be opening a winery in Walla Walla, WA, so look for that Washington friends!



Of course we spent time just hanging out together, having great conversations, and playing six-handed Euchre!  (We feel very lucky to have west coast friends who have learned to play this isolated northern-midwest card game!)


As usual the visit was much too short and we hated to say goodbye to Chris and Natalie.  But lucky for us they are quite the travelers, so I’m sure they will be back to Spain again! 

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