It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Navidad!

Written by Karrie
December 2017

When we started noticing the elaborate light displays being installed as early as late October throughout Logroño, we began to feel like this was going to be a special place during the holiday season.  On the evening of December 2nd, the city turned on all of the lights once it was dark, and we were not disappointed!  Spain knows how to do the Christmas decor!  Not only are there a wide variety of shapes, designs, patterns, and colors of lights across many of the streets in the city, many of the stores and shops set out little holiday accents on the sidewalk outside of the store, such as Santa statues, Christmas trees, and light displays.  I feel very lucky that I will be spending the holidays in Logroño so that I can fully enjoy all of this festive cheer each day during the Christmas season! 

To make the initial city lighting even more special, my dear friend from high school, Greta, was here visiting and got to see our new home all lit up!  We loved having her here and enjoyed our evening stroll around the city gazing at all of the different lights and decorations!

In order to decorate our apartment for the holiday season, we decided to keep it minimal so as not to accumulate too much stuff that is only used a few weeks out of the year.  We bought a small plant and decorated it for Christmas with lights and small ornaments.  Then we can continue to enjoy the undecorated plant throughout the rest of the year!

Our Christmas tree
Our decorated street

Happy holidays!

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