Spring in and around Logroño!

Written by Elle and Karrie
May 2018

Spring has officially arrived here in Spain as evidenced by the warmer temperatures, sunny days, and beautiful flowers and green everywhere we look!  Here is a small sampling of the gorgeous flora we’ve seen throughout Logroño and some surrounding areas:

The heavier-than-usual spring rains also have impacted the river (Río Ebro) that runs through Logroño.

But we have had some beautiful rainbows as a result of the rainy days!


We have also used the nicer weather as an opportunity to explore a park, La Grajera, on the outskirts of Logroño with our Hungarian friends!  We rented bikes that are available throughout the city.


Mike and Karrie took a short hike with some Spanish friends up to a small castle in a small village called Clavijo outside of Logroño.

Of course we have been taking every opportunity to sit outside and enjoy a drink in our beautiful city!

Here’s to our first spring in Spain!

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  1. It looks like you are having a great time. Check out our posts to learn more about Spanish travel!


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