Why Are We Here?

Written by Karrie

Let’s Start At the Very Beginning… Both Couples had always dreamed of living abroad.  Once we all became friends we started talking about it a lot as a very hypothetical thing that may happen one day.  Then another close couple-friend of ours moved abroad.  (Shout out to Crystal and Evan!)  Then some of us started feeling very unsatisfied with our jobs or things about living in the U.S.  Then the 2016 election happened.  This hypothetical thing we had been talking about needed to happen for us.  Constant discussions and research started happening, and Spain was always the country that all four of us kept coming back to when talking about where we wanted to live based on lifestyle, culture, and location.  We all wanted to live somewhere where the people worked to live rather than lived to work; somewhere where we could live a slower-paced, less stressed lifestyle in order to pursue our hobbies and passions more consistently.  Three out of the four of us decided to apply to be Auxiliares de Conversación, which was a whole process in and of itself.  We applied in January and had to wait until May to find out where we would be placed (fingers crossed we’d all be in the same region!).  Once we all got notified of our placements in La Rioja (our first-choice region!), our dream became a reality and we began officially planning for our big move abroad!

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